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 "Have Your Say" Result

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The outcomes of the survey were presented at our Open Public Meeting at the Village Hall on the

13th of September 2023.


We were delighted to see the engagement from the Village in our recent "Have Your Say Survey"

By the deadline of 2pm on 13th of September 2023, we've received 101 responses (!) -
these came by email and post.

We also received 20 "mini-surveys" filled in by our local Brownies.
We will be doing our best to satisfy their requests.

Since the deadline, we received a further 5 replies to our survey. Given all the engagement and support that we saw in the last few weeks, we are planning to create a dedicated space on the Website where residents can have their say in the matters of the Village Hall in an ongoing way.

In the attached document, you can find an overview of the answers provided to the

multi-choice answers.

Follow-up on the open-ended suggestions and ways in which we could assist in transforming Village Hall
into a Community Hub will be available in January - February 2023

The Village Hall is a valuable asset to our village, and we want to ensure it is used to its full potential.

PDF document. An overview of the answers provided to the multi-choice answers in the Survey.

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