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Short Mat Bowling Club

The ‘East Keswick Short Mat Bowling Club’ meet every Monday and Tuesday between 1.15pm and 3.30pm during the winter and spring, in the main hall. Membership includes some serious bowlers – but also many who are there for the fun, exercise and companionship – and friendly competition at times!

 If you are looking for a way of having lots of fun and good, fairly gentle, exercise,

Indoor Bowling  is an ideal choice

We are looking to increase membership – so if you would like to drop in and try out the game please do so at any time. There is no charge for anyone just wanting to see if they like the game – and you do not need any equipment – except a pair of flat shoes. All ages welcome – definitely no experience of bowling required.

If you might find getting there difficult – just phone Brian and he will put you in touch with a current member who could give you a lift.


For more information please contact

Brian Tungate on 01937 574679.


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