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'Call my Bluff' 2022 - East Keswick Wine Buffs
Take up the Challenge!

‘Call my Bluff’
Cheese & Wine Tasting


Saturday  15th October 2022  


Last year event was held in  East Keswick Village Hall. on 15th of October 2022. The format followed that of previous successful nights, where a panel of three tasters describe a wine, one of them will be true and the other two will be false.


Each table had a full bottle of each wine to taste and make their selection. There were four white wines and four red wines to taste.


In addition, there were also  7 interesting cheeses to taste.


The winning table, with the most correct answers will received bottles of champagne as prizes.


A wide range of prizes was additionally available at our raffle table to enhance your evening.


Another fun event where you can invite your friends to make up a table of eight people - this year, 2023 the cost stays the same as previously:

£160 per table

Reserve your table now to be sure of a place

(or £20 per person, no price increase)

Payment due by 31st January, cheques payable to

“East Keswick Village Hall” or electronically to

HSBC 40-46-21   A/c No 81035282


To make a reservation contact David Wort

01937 573082 or e-mail

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