'Call my Bluff'.....2019

East Keswick Wine Buffs

Take up the Challenge!

The Judges!
Erica Smith, Derek Wort & Julia Samways
A Full House!

Once again the annual ‘Call My Bluff’ cheese & wine tasting at East Keswick Hall on Saturday 9th March was a complete sell-out with over 160 local people enjoying a lively and very entertaining evening.


Organised by David Wort and Brian Dower, the event followed the usual popular format with guests trying to guess a series of eight wines and seven cheeses based on the tasting notes offered by the three experts, only one of whom was telling the truth.  Teams were given points for guessing the wine and cheese correctly and further points were awarded for guessing the retail price of the wine.


The panel comprised Erica Smith, Derek Wort and Julia Samways,

with all three giving convincing performances. 


During breaks in the proceedings, there was a raffle with plenty of bottles of wine and spirits to win along with other tempting prizes.


Peter Guildford, Chairman of East Keswick Village Hall Committee, comments “As usual, it was a fantastic evening and we were delighted to see so many people enjoying the amenities offered by the village hall. It’s events like these that allow us to keep improving and enhancing the facilities and so we are very grateful for everyone’s support. For those who were on the waiting list this year and sadly missed out on the event, make a diary date now to be sure of a place at next year’s ‘Call My Bluff’ cheese & wine tasting which will be held on 7th March 2020.”