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This is no ordinary Village Hall...EKVH is the community hub for a vibrant inclusive and welcoming community that is the village of East Keswick.



We want to inform all our regular guests that the East Keswick Village Hall will not hold its usual New Year’s Eve celebration this year (2023/2024). Please see more >>>

In the meantime, below we would like to share a complete list of events happening in the Village Hall between now and December.

The East Keswick Comedy Night is the first in a series of events in 2023 where all income made above ticket sales will contribute towards funding for Illingworth Field. Click here to find out more >>

Click here to book TICKETS for the Comedy Night
14.09. Comedy Nigth. East Keswick Comedy Club-2[45].jpg

Draw Winners -

September 2023

 £30 - (67) Judith Pentith

 £20 - (88) John Pentith

 £10 - (27) Charlotte Cunliffe

Draw Winners -

October 2023

 £30 - (22) Mr S Rivers

 £20 - (35) Simon Falk

 £10 - (3) John Priestley

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