Message from the Trustees of East Keswick Village Hall

‘Can you help secure the future of

The Village Hall?’


As a team of Trustees, we are delighted to have presided over the transition of our Village Hall into a smart, very well-equipped, multi-purpose venue. The key issue has always been to find a way to finance the hall, which costs circa £40K annually to maintain. Our current successful approach is a combination of paid professionals and commercial lettings to fund vital repairs and improvements, as well as subsidising lettings for village residents (current discount up to 50%). We’ve even been able to hold rental rates for local clubs for the past eight years.


Now the time has come to hand over management of the hall to a new team and it is the intention of all current Trustees to review their position before the next AGM in March 2020. That doesn’t mean we will all immediately cease to be involved in the hall, we’ll be happy to assist a new team and indeed it is one of our legal responsibilities as Trustees to ‘vet’ those who come forward to offer their services. The hall is a very valuable asset, both in terms of property and reserves.


It’s not an onerous commitment, just four meetings a year plus the AGM, and naturally we hope that young village residents will come forward. Our new constitution, which can be found on the website, limits personal trustee liability to £5 and it also makes provision for Associate Trustees. This gives anyone considering becoming a Trustee the opportunity to serve a short apprenticeship, before deciding whether or not they wish to continue and accept the responsibilities of full trusteeship. There can be a maximum of 12 trustees and a minimum of three. If there are fewer than three, there has to be a voluntary winding up or dissolution of the charity.


We’d be very happy to meet individuals or groups, either formally or informally, to explain what the successful running of the Village Hall involves. It’s a fabulous village amenity but, as such, it does need funding and managing. The income from village groups and the help from volunteers only goes part way to financing and managing the hall.


Hopefully, announcing our intention before the AGM means there is plenty of time for interested parties to come forward armed with their fresh ideas and expertise. We have a responsibility to ensure the future of the Village Hall and unless we can recruit fresh blood it will have to close.


We’ve lost our school, we’ve lost our village shop, so please help us to keep our Village Hall. Contact us via an email to

Date 7.12.2019