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East Keswick Village Hall Committee

Invitation to join East Keswick Village Hall Committee



What are we looking for?


Enthusiastic local people who are prepared to give just a few hours of their time over the year to join East Keswick Village Hall Committee.


Let’s be absolutely clear – you will NOT:


Be legally responsible or in any way liable for the Village Hall. This is the role of the eight Trustees who meet separately.


Be involved in endless dreary meetings. We don’t envisage more than four committee meetings per year and any special projects will be handled by sub-committees.


Be involved in the day to day administration of the Hall as this is handled by a paid Manager and an Events Manager.


So what will your contribution be?


          Ideas! New people joining committees always bring new ideas to the           table.


          Skills – we want people to play to their strengths so whatever your           particular skill is, we’d like to use it.


Want to think it over?


          We are approaching you as an enthusiastic resident of East Keswick           who has helped us in some way on previous occasions.


          We are particularly keen to stress that this is voluntary role with no           constitutional responsibilities and a very small time commitment.


Let’s talk!


          Do please feel free to talk to us about this to find out more, entirely           without obligation.

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