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East Keswick Celebration of

His Majesty King’s Charles III Coronation

We want to take this opportunity and say a Massive Thank You to the organisers of the Coronation Afternoon Tea on Monday, 8th of May 2023


It was an extremely warm and friendly get-together of our local community, and we are pleased we managed to celebrate this special weekend together! Given the massive turn-out, we are happy that organisers decided to set up in the Main Hall – we would never be able to fit all of us in the Verity Room.


We are still so impressed as to how much the organisers managed to do in such a short time:


- Village Voices – Massive Thank You for providing musical entertainment.


- Alison Waterfield and Janita Dedicoat – without your help and support prior to and during the event, none of it would be possible.


Finally, Janet Thornton – Thank You for taking it upon yourself to organise everything. We will be coming soon to get some tips on the best promotional strategies to get an excellent turnout for events in the Village Hall

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